It is important to us that you to enjoy your stay in your HOLIDAY HOME.
If something is not quite right for YOU and your stay, then do please CALL or TEXT US. Our job is to be available to ensure that you enjoy the most of the privacy, independence and amenities that your HOME FOR YOUR HOLIDAY has to offer.


If I have enquired, can I assume that I have made a booking?
As we get multiple enquiries for the same property for the same dates, this constitutes an enquiry only. 

After corresponding with you, & we have reached an agreement re your booking, we will confirm everything with a reservation voucher. This is a booking :-)

Why do you ask my guest numbers?
So that we can ensure that the property that you are enquiring about will accommodate you all - comfortably & safely!
Every person in your group must be included in the guest numbers.
Just to clarify; a baby is a person, a toddler is a person, a child is a person. 

Why do you ask me for my bed requirements?
The housekeepers make up your beds prior to your stay. These are specific to your booking - as many beds can be made up as Kings/Queens or alternatively, split in to twins (noted as King/Twin or suchlike). This means that you will arrive to freshly made beds & we are able to charge you a fairer price for your stay (as they are not having to make up, strip, launder & remake unused beds). 

We ask that you please make any changes to your bed requirements >1 week prior to your arrival, unless agreed otherwise.
Alternatively, additional costs for this may be passed on to you.  

Do you offer discounts for longer stays?
Yes, we often discount for extended stays. Please do ask us.

Is my booking transferable?
Yes, but with our permission only & you will still be responsible for the booking (our contract is with you). We will also ask you for the contact details of your head guest.

Can I cancel my booking?
Please refer to the specific cancellation details on your reservation voucher. 

We ask that you please contact asap, as we will make every effort to replace your booking. Should we succeed, any monies will be offset against your booking.  And we will refund part or all of your payment.

What happens if the bridge to Martinborough is closed?   There are several alternative routes if the bridge leading into Martinborough is closed due to flooding - click on this link so see a map - Alternative route map

What happens if my arrival is delayed because of road closure?
We do not offer refunds but would consider transferring your stay to another date.   

How can I pay? 

We ask for payment by direct credit or cheque. 
Sorry, credit card charges are simply too high for v small businesses, so these are the more reasonably priced options for us & for you.. If you live overseas, you might find that posting a bank cheque is a good option - as it reduces your bank fees (at both ends). 
The SWIFT code for Bank of New Zealand is: BKNZNZ22.
Alternatively, you might like to use - who
 make international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple.

Why do you ask for visa or mastercard details for some houses?
We ask for visa or m/c details as a guarantee against any breakages, damages or additional servicing (> than the usual/expected times) for our larger & more expensive properties, at the owners request. We will pre-authorise this to ensure that this is a valid c/c (usually for $2G).
Should we need to debit your c/c after your stay, we will advise you by phone &/or email. Your credit card will be debited by Martinborough Wine Merchants. 

How will I know that I have paid?
You can assume that we have received your payment unless we contact you. 
We will gladly email you an update of your reservation voucher (noting paid) on request.

What happens if I forget to pay?
We will make every effort to contact you. However, it is your responsibility to make your payment/s. Failure to make your payments on time may result in your booking being cancelled. 

What shall I bring?
Food, milk, drink... 
Extra towels if you plan to go to the beach or the river...

Is cleaning included?
Yes, all cleaning (before & after your stay) is included, except for the BBQ*. We respect your privacy, therefore we do not service the properties during your stay (unless prior arrangements are made). 

We employ a team of housekeepers & groundskeepers & we frequently spot check the properties. We truly do appreciate all comments & feedback.  

What about the *BBQ?

The housekeepers are finding it tricky to clean the BBQ's.  We ask that you please wipe down the BBQ (with newspaper or handy towels) while it's still warm. And please remember to turn the gas bottle off when you finish using it. 

When do I receive my key details?
For security reasons... we seldom supply key details until closer to your stay. Please note - these are specific to you/for your stay.
, this is by email, the Wednesday prior to your arrival. 

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Can I bring my dog?
Many (but not all) of our properties are suitable for dogs - ♥. We ask that you do check with us & we will note that they are welcome on your reservation voucher. We ask you to please pooper scoop on departure. 
Often we will ask for a dog cleaning bond, which we will gladly refund when the housekeepers advise us that no additional cleaning was required.  

Please do not assume that a property is pet free because the holiday home is restricted as some owners have pets but still restrict renters from bringing pets. Likewise, we can not guarantee that previous renters have followed policy. Therefore we are unable to take responsibility for conditions arising from allergies at any holiday home even if it has a "NO PETS" restriction.

NO pets - also includes visiting pets with visiting friends. 

Can I ask to extend my check in & out times?
Yes, this is certainly an option & we are happy to do this if we can.. Just email us the week prior or text us on the day, & we will check our bookings & contact housekeepers to check their schedules & turnover times.

When is Summer/Winter?
Unless we specify otherwise...
Summer - Labour weekend to Easter - this is when our pools are open
Winter - post Easter to pre Labour weekend - this is when we supply firewood



What is supplied? 

All bedding & linen. This includes towels & tea towels, sheets & pillowcases.
And the beds will be made up for you.

Dry Basics - tea & coffee, sugar, salt & pepper. Often there will be additional items like cooking oil, flour, herbs.. 

Other Basics - soap, wc paper, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher powder or tablets, washing machine powder. 

For sofabeds - all bedding is supplied & all you will need to do is make them up. 

Firewood - for winter stays

Additional items, which must be requested (& are subject to availability) - 
*Portacots - we supply a standard portacot only (as per the manufacturers recommendation).Please BYO bedding & linen. 
*Rollaway beds - all bedding will be supplied & all you will need to do is make them up. 


When can we use the swimming pool?

Our swimming season is very much weather dependent - & tends to be from mid December to mid March. 
If your pool is heated, this may extend the season by approx. a month at either end. 

Out of respect for our neighbours, we ask all guests staying in Martinborough township to vacate the pools by 10pm (unless swimming laps)

Please note, ALL swimming pools (including the town pool) are closed in winter.

When can we use the spa pool?

These are available year round.. :-)

Where do I put my rubbish?

Please put your recycling in the appropriate Council bins. Should you have extra, please put it in the spare bins or boxes - as this can still be picked up for recycling. Most properties have wheely bins for your general rubbish, otherwise please use the Council rubbish bags. If you are staying on a Wednesday, please put the council bags & recycling bins out the front gate. Also the Wairarapa Wheely bins. When they can, the housekeepers will call by to help. 

I may have an insect problem? 

Unfortunately, not every insect in the world is a butterfly. Gisborne (wood) cockroaches, mice, ants & flies are part of country life here in Martinborough. 

Therefore, we have all of our houses professionally sprayed annually with pyrethrum (a plant based, natural product). 

This means that you may find a range of dead (or dying) insects at any time during your stay.  

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Can I invite friends to visit?

We appreciate that entertaining is part of your holiday & you are welcome to invite a few friends for a visit or for a meal. Up to 10 guests is fine.. Any more than this, please do contact us as would happily consider your request. However, these properties/facilities are private holiday homes & not commercial venues.

Therefore, they are designed, equipped, priced & insured for guest use only (day & night). Should you abuse/exceed this, we may ask you to ask your guests to vacate the property. 

Can I invite additional friends to stay?

Yes, up to the (maximum) occupancy of the house/property. 

Having said that, additional rollaways may be available in advance for some houses, so please do ask.

Please note - Motor-homes, Caravans, Buses, Tents (& camping) are 

NOT permitted. Primarly because this voids the owners insurance... 

Any extra guests/bed use/linen changes will incur additional costs. 

Can I ask for a refund if not all guests stay?

Unused beds/nights are not refundable. However, we would be happy to consider your request.  

I have a problem?

We endeavour to keep up with all maintenance but occasionally something occurs without our knowledge. 

Should you have any problems or find that something is amiss or not supplied, please contact us during your stay. We are available 24/7 - all part of our service!

We would then make every effort to remedy this as soon as we can. Once you are home.. alas, is too late!! :-(. 

Every house has safety switches = RCD (residual current device) installed in the meter boxes to protect you & your family. 

The TV is not working?

If someone has taken the TV off channel... 
Press Source, then select the relevant channel - this could be TV or HDMI1 or even HDMI2.

If you have sky TV, please reboot SKY in the first instance. Then ring their technical team on 0800 759759 as they should be able to help you with a general enquiry.
If you are still having problems, please do call us.

My internet is not working?

Please reboot the modem & your device. 
Should this fail, please call or text us. 
Please note - as there are a number of factors that can affect the stability & performance of your Spark Broadband connection, especially in the Wairarapa, we are unable to guarantee service. 

Can we party??

Many of our properties are in residential areas & surrounded by permanent residents. Therefore we ask that you respect our neighbours & keep the noise to a minimum level after 9pm. Should you abuse/exceed this then we may ask you to vacate the property.

Can we smoke?

Yes, you are welcome to smoke outside. However, we ask you to please put your butts in the rubbish at the end of your stay. 

Can you help me with ideas &/or contacts?

Yes, we have plenty of ideas, contacts & access to additional items.. i.e portacots, rollaway beds.

Do you charge for babies or infants, not sleeping in beds?

No, there is not charge for little ones. However, we may charge for portacot & highchair hire. 

Can you help me find a babysitter/childminder?

Yes, we would be happy to supply contact details or you might like to contact the Martinborough Visitor Centre as they have a list -

Does Martinborough have a Taxi Service?

Not exactly.. there isn’t a taxi service as such but there is a shuttle service - Martinborough Shuttle Service, 06 3066090, 
Bookings essential. 



What do I need to do when I check out?

We ask that you please double check to make sure you have taken all your belongings - Esp. your phone & ipod chargers. 

Simply leave the beds, put used towels in the bath or on the bathroom floor. Please make sure you have turned all the heating off (except underfloor), load & turn on the dishwasher...

Then shut the windows, lock the house up & return the keys.

What happens if I leave something (or think that I left something) behind?

To protect your privacy... we will not contact you. Please text or email us asap so we can ask the housekeepers to look for your item/s. 

We are not able to accept responsibility for lost property & hold any (non-perishable) found items for 2 months. 

We ask you to send us a pre-paid, self-addressed courier satchel or ticket for their return.  

Please make sure that you triple check for your personal belongings when you depart. 

What happens if I breach my booking conditions?

Our contract may be terminated. We may ask you to vacate the property immediately - no refund will be given.  

What happens if we have any breakages, spillages or cause some other damage?

Please advise of any ‘major’ breakages or damage immediately, as you may be liable for the Insurance excess or the full cost. Should you spill something on carpets, curtains, your bed or any soft furnishings.. please also contact us asap as many marks & stains require professional cleaning. 

The outside furniture & umbrellas are your responsibility during your stay. Please ensure that these are tucked away safely when not in use. 
Minor breakages (glasses, plates etc) can be paid for or replaced by you. Either way, please advise us asap.

How can I give you feedback?

If you're happy with our service, we'd appreciate your help in spreading the word about how great we are! One way to do this is to like our facebook page.  

If things haven't gone as planned (it's very very rare, thankfully), we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve our service.

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